Episode 7

A Light in the Dark
with Brooke Barttelbort

In this episode, I chat with neon artist, designer, and my good friend, Brooke Barttelbort. Brooke bends glass into all kinds of amazing shapes, and uses her pieces to help inspire others. She’s also a super talented graphic designer and glass blower.

Brooke has been through a lot in recent years. At the age of thirty she went through treatment for breast cancer, ultimately having to have a double mastectomy. Following that, her mom had a major stroke. Brooke decided to move from San Francisco to LA to be closer to her family, and in that transition, she reconnected with her love of neon, and ultimately herself in the process. She now uses neon as a way to work through her grief and help heal herself as well as others. As she puts it best, she’s creating light in the darkness.

Her story is truly one of strength and inspiration. The amount of work it takes to learn neon is immense, and what she can do with her craft is truly inspiring. Both in her abilities and her message. A message the world really needs to receive right now.

To find out more about Brooke, you can follow her on instagram here or find her online here

Resources Mentioned:
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021