Episode 6

Create a Career
with Beci Orpin

In this episode, I chat with Melbourne-based creative Beci Orpin. Beci’s one of my favorite creatives, her work is so positive and always makes me smile. Everything she touches turns to cute, it seems. Her creativity takes many forms, some of which are illustration, design, children’s books, murals, branding, crafts, clothing, painting, puzzles, packaging and more.

Beci was such a joy to talk to, so generous and humble for someone who has such an incredible career spanning 24 years! In our chat we look back on her career, where it started, where it is today, and what she’s learned about herself along the way. She offers great advice and inspiration for how to build and navigate a creative career. Stay tuned to the end of the episode where she answers a couple questions I received from listeners.

To find out more about Beci, you can follow her on instagram here or on her website here.

The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021