Episode 18

with Lindsay Stripling

In this episode, I chat about community with fellow San Francisco based creative Lindsay Stripling. Lindsay is an artist, illustrator, muralist, teacher, and she hosts an amazing series on her instagram called Lunch Club, where she has really wonderful conversations with fellow artists.

We discuss how community has shaped Lindsay’s life and career, how having a creative community to tap into can accelerate your path and feel like therapy, how to build your own community (even if you’re shy), and how important it is to surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people.

Lindsay also shares a super useful map she uses (and teaches) to help navigate the ups and downs of a creative project.

Talking to Lindsay was so fun and insightful. She’s a ray of sunshine and I hope this conversation makes your day a little brighter.

You can find out more about Lindsay by following her on instagram, or find her online at lindsaystripling.com.
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021