Episode 16

with Morgan Harper Nichols

In this episode, I chat with the wonderful Morgan Harper Nichols.

Morgan is an artist, poet and musician. Her process for creating work is really unique and amazing. People submit their stories to her and she creates artwork for those individuals, and then shares those pieces daily on her social channels. Although each piece is created for one person, they deeply resonate with the larger collective as well. So much so, that Morgan currently has 1.7 million followers on Instagram. And honestly it isn’t surprising, her presence feels like a breath of fresh air in a world that can often feel so overwhelming.

Morgan shares her journey from being a musician first to becoming a visual artist, and the winding road she had to navigate to get here.

We dive into the topic of “growing”, both in our personal and professional lives. Growth is a theme Morgan often explores in her work, and she has a really wonderful perspective on the topic that I hadn’t considered going into the interview.

Morgan also has a beautiful new book coming out on April 27th titled How Far You Have Come. Be sure to check it out, and if you aren’t already, follow Morgan on instagram here, or find her online at morganharpernichols.com
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021