Episode 15

with Slimy Oddity

In this episode, I chat with the enlightened duo behind Slimy Oddity, Cherie and Tim. Slimy Oddity is an art collective brought together to spread love and light into the world. Their work focuses on sharing insights from timeless wisdom found in spirituality, philosophy and the human experience. They have a friendly and playful style that makes these deeper topics fun and approachable.

We dive into the theme of awakening in this episode. Awakening to your life, the magic in the world, your gifts and your purpose, and even to the awareness of a world beyond our senses.

Awakening is an overarching theme for Slimy Oddity, and we dive deep into it. Cherie and Tim also generously share their own personal awakening journeys.

This dynamic duo are also incredible musicians. Their band Kekko is releasing their debut single titled “Within You” mid March on Spirit Goth Records. Stay tuned to the end of the episode where we’ll be playing it for you. I love this song and I’m so excited to share it with you guys.

To find out more about Slimy Oddity, you can follow them on instagram here, or online at slimyoddity.com.

Here are a list of books that Tim and Cherie recommend for your own personal journey:

The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021