Episode 14

Take the Leap
with Wade & Leta

In this episode, I chat with Brooklyn based creative studio and dynamic duo, Wade and Leta. Wade and Leta do it all, they’re graphic designers, art directors, photographers, public speakers, they do event design, branding, sculpture, book design, type design, retail design, film, and more. If there’s something they haven’t done, they want to try that too.

They’re a duo who personifies today’s topic of “taking the leap”. They’re constantly pushing themselves into new directions and mediums. They love a good challenge, they see constraints as opportunities, and they thrive on intensity. This drive has led them to create work for a truly impressive roster of clients that include Gucci, The New York Times, Herman Miller, IBM, Instagram, Facebook, Adobe, Airbnb, Target, and the list goes on.

We discuss the lessons they’ve learned on their journey so far, how they’re able to continually “take the leap” into new directions and opportunities, how keeping an open mind and fresh perspective is key, how important it is to ask for help and learn from others, their pursuit to continually “level up”, what their dream project is, and much more.

This conversation was really inspiring to me. Wade and Leta are always striving to create their best work and it’s hard not to be in awe of them. These two have such wonderful energy and a refreshing perspective on life and career. I hope you’re just as inspired by this one as I am.

To find out more about Wade and Leta, you can follow them on instagram @wadeandleta, @wadejeffree, @letasobierajski or online at wadeandleta.com.
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021