Episode 11

with Jim Stoten

In this episode, I chat with illustrator and human being extraordinaire, Jim Stoten. Jim’s work is a kaleidoscopic adventure, full of vivid color, imagination and playfulness, all while maintaining a beautiful depth to it.

Jim and I explore the topic of time in this episode. How Jim spends his time, How he perceives time, what advice he would give his past self, and what advice his future self would give him today. I feel like I caught Jim at just the right time for this conversation, he’s just celebrated his fortieth birthday and is both looking ahead to the next decade and reflecting on the past one as well.

This one’s less about the business of being a creative professional and more about all the other important aspects; an artist's state of mind, hopes and dreams, perceptions of self, struggles and inspirations. I’m really grateful to Jim for being so open with his thoughts and feelings in this one.

Jim always carries a sketchbook with him and he habitually draws his way through the world. To take a peek inside these famed sketchbooks, He actually has a new book available now that’s filled with pages from them called Skotchbook, as well as a magnificent new zine called “The Mind wanders, the Eye follows”, both out now with Unseen Sketchbooks.

Jim’s also a talented musician. He has a new album out now called “Lights” with dirty melody records. In true Jim fashion, it’s amazing. Definitely give it a listen. And while you’re at it, check out his new music video for the single “over the mountain”.

You can find out more about Jim by following him on instagram here, or find him online here.

Resources Mentioned:
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021