Episode 10

Recalibrating Life
with Seb Agresti

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Dutch illustrator and designer Seb Agresti. Seb just returned from a transformative experience at an artist residency in Japan. As you’ll hear in the episode, he decided to embark on that journey as a way to step away from his client work and focus on creating personal work again. The residency and what he learned in the process allowed him to recalibrate his life and gain new perspectives on his career after years of intense client work.

Seb and I discuss what’s inspiring him right now, what he learned from his time in Japan, finding balance and setting boundaries with client work, burnout, book recommendations, what the future holds for him, and much more.

Seb is quite thoughtful and introspective and it was a pleasure to be able to speak with him at this unique time in his life. He was sort of in between worlds when we spoke, and I’m thankful he was so candid about his experience. I think many of us can relate to the feeling of needing a change of pace or wanting to reconnect with ourselves. I’m excited to see how he embarks on this next chapter of his journey.

You can find out more about Seb by following him on instagram here, or find him online here.

Resources mentioned:
The Friendly Unknown by Allison Filice, copyright 2021